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The Past

From December 2006 until December 2014 I blogged about my sports trading journey, and how I was able to take a starting bank of £250 and turned it into a substantially larger amount. However, as Betfair increased their premium charges the effort needed to sustain my income went up so the amount of available time I had to blog decreased. My priority since going full -time has always been on my trading and something had to give, so after the best part of 9 eventful years I decided my blog would take a back seat so I could concentrate solely on the day to day stuff.


When I look back on the early days, I do have to pinch myself a little but it's been a struggle at times and hasn't been an easy path. It was quite normal back in early 2007 to be working a number of hours for only a few pennies, but that was the time I learnt the most.  Initially I was trading all kinds of sports and all kinds of markets but by the start of 2009 found myself concentrating on cricket, rugby union, darts and the NFL.


Unfortunately board-siders curtailed my involvement with the oche in 2012 when I realised that too many players had access to either fast pictures or data I didn't have.  If you're 10 seconds behind the action in that sport it's as good as a lifetime.


So scaling-up my efforts in understanding cricket was the main aim and it now makes up around 85% of my betting activity. The one day games are fun to watch, but the major attraction is the volume of money matched on the exchanges. A Twenty 20 game can easily see £30 million traded over a 3 hour perod in a major tournament like the IPL. 


By the end of 2014 I realised the blog was no longer serving it's purpose.  I'd set out to show it was possible to start small and grow but the major benefit was it helped me keep my discipline. After a while of repeating the same mistakes over and over the lessons started to sink in and with the advent of Twitter it's so much easier to communicate with others than it once was.


So that's  that, the blog's time has come , but I'm not ready to give up on gambling just yet.  I intend to keep ploughing on until it's not worth it anymore and who knows what the future holds?


If you'd like to read a copy of my blog, you can download the full PDF file below:

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