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About Me

My history with sports started a long time ago. When I was very young I had a condition with my hip that stopped me from going to school. The only person available to look after me was my Grandfather so every afternoon he’d push my wheelchair to the betting shop where we’d end up fighting the smoke to try and pick some winners from the race cards on the wall. My parents didn’t mind this daily routine until I started scanning the daily paper over breakfast to read the horses form and give my tips for the day. They stopped the paper soon after, but that was it – I was hooked.


In August 2006, I started trading sports markets, instead of just punting on them, armed with an initial trading bank of just £250. Since then I’ve added part or all of my monthly profits to help me scale-up and in May 2008 was given the opportunity by my employer to reduce my working hours. After a little deliberation I decided to try and address the life/work balance.


I worked 3 days a week as a Project Manager until January 2011 when I decided to take a sabbatical from the day job to concentrate on gambling full time.


Things went better than expected and in May 2014 I'd accumulated enough in net winnings for Betfair to inform me that I'd be paying their super premium charge in future. 


I documented my journey along the way by writing a blog and would like to thank all of those who read my posts, wrote comments and offered support along the way - they all helped a great deal.

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