The Future

Thanks to those who've expressed an interest in courses, webinars and even ebooks but for the time being I've no other plans than to continue trading as many cricket matches as I can. My thoughts are that if I continue to give this 100% there's still room to grow and whilst this is the case I'd be silly to get distracted with side projects.


I'll continue to post my thoughts on Twitter when I can, but have to admit that I've become disillusioned with being too active on there. There's just so much negativitiy and with so many seemingly wanting you to fail there comes a time when you ask yourself, 'what's the point?'


Anyhow, for those of you with a more positive outlook please come back from time to time to see if anything's changed, and if you so wish you can contact me by using the contact form below.


All the best and good luck with your own sports trading journey,




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